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Hey mister! ❤️

You know what’s the most painful thing we endure?

It is the longing or the want to hold your person in your arms, at the lowest point of your day !

When the love, the affection that exists in the system cannot be translated into a physical form, it sloshes you into pieces every single day and every moment you think of them.

Like the heart aches to be loved, the body aches to be held, the arms ache to reach for that soft touch, the nose longs to sniff that favourite body odor, the hair want to be caressed by those loving fingers….

Those soft forehead kisses, the endless hugs, the touch on your face, lying side by side legs entwined, them sleeping sound on your chest…. Are priceless ! Can never underestimate the power of possession they hold.

No, it ain’t about the sex that follows, it is about how close and wanted that special person makes you feel. And sadly we are offered just one such person in a lifetime who unfurls those butterflies in your stomach 🦋🦋

Life plays games and mostly tricks us into losing them.

You can never fill me enough to not want you. Remember? You’re my magician 😀


Hey mister,

You know what I always dreamt of ?

I dreamt of you and me 🙂 You playing your guitar and me twirling around you in my frock, coz you love me in short clothes.

And you’d suddenly stop playing and pull me in for a tight smooch. You can’t resist touching me and we can’t just kiss, you know 🙂

I dreamt, people would be so jealous of us and our love, coz we can never get enough of each other !!

We would live in a small house, but with hearts full ❤️

And mind you, no kids okay !! If we had one he/she would surely be a bomb 😂 but not sharing you for the rest of my life 🙂

Tangy Rose

One of a kind 😝

Generally, when life throws us lemons, we tend to turn sour. Rarely do we think of the productive side of having so many lemons at hand !!

Sip on a lemonade, bake a lemon tart, make some citrusy muffins …

The pessimist in Rose, cringed at more lemons being thrown her way. Not too sour , but she’d be more like a pineapple – sweet and sour , on normal days.

However, the sudden optimist outburst, made her wonder of her next adventure, that would make her dust the citrus juices with some castor sugar😄

Of course ! Baking was a therapy.

Bake a cake or bake thyself , she just made sure to put those damn lemons to good use!!

Being tangy was her strength.

The loop

Change was the only constant, that’s what Rose had learnt the hard way, through those countless years of her life.

Rose, whose thorns made her bleed , no matter what !!

And that unwelcome state of mind mostly struck during those days of the month , when She was zoned out.

While her last thorn was deep inside her flesh, pricking her to the bone, making her wheeze , her subconscious was busy reminiscing the poking of the first thorn into her vulnerable young heart.

And while she had always welcomed changes, every prick undoubtedly pained her soul more, making her ache and ironically immune to the next prick waiting to be experienced.

Not that it was tender, baffling ,youth for her every time; it was the boundary of the strong , high , self built walls, that interrogated her.

Could she let anyone jump over those walls and reach her, or she didn’t deserve another hurtful episode !!

She wasn’t even honest to herself ! Her mirror always lied and she wondered she would be transformed Soon into pinnochio !!

She was on a loop and there was no escape.

Life lessons ….

When someone talks about the lessons that life has taught us, it feels boring . I honestly hope my write up fills you up with new hopes in these downward spirally times !

1. External appearance is not less important ! It is essential that we look appealing because that’s what people notice first about you. It boosts our confidence and helps us stay in the present. Being lost is a drawback in this competitive world ! someone introduced me to myself when I was too shy, timid and limited to me. And believe me , it proved to be a game changer 🤩

2. Love, but don’t get lost in love! The ugly truth of life. We love someone so much , that we lose ourselves. The problem with relationships is, that they change you inside out. Being vulnerable is good, but walking with open wounds is catastrophic!! Often we forget that the other person is gone , but we are still alive and we gotta live our life for us and for our loved ones.

3. Having kids isn’t too bad 🤪 when I was young , I never wanted kids. Truly speaking , I made them just coz I succumbed to the societal pressures. I regretted all my life. This pandemic taught me, being at home with kids was a blessing. They keep me engaged , entertained and sane. Although it’s hectic juggling with too many hats on my head , nonetheless, they bear me. No one else would. They’re my family.

4. You will always find your magician, sooner or later , but you will !! He will make you fall in love with life , hold your hand and make your life a cake walk. He will have more faith in you than you do ! And when he comes you’ll be overwhelmed with your own potentials !! You’ll be recharged and ready to take any plunge. Don’t lose him 😍

5. God always has a plan for all of us. If plan A fails , understand that it is God carving out a new plan for you. And His plans are fool proof. No one has escaped this brutal life. So just sit back , have faith in Him and enjoy the ride !!

Just my opinions . Thanks for not judging me 🌹

Of Bubbles and climbers ….

When the bubbles pop

They don’t make noise , they just leave us with raw feelings!

The feeling of blankness, the end of an amazing glistening ball of hope !

And yet we hope again .

We hope some day , we’ll have a bubble of our own again, and that it will make us feel alive, feel happy, feel magical.

Just like a tender climber ,wanting to coexist with a sturdy bark of an old tree. But tree has been so much laden with its own over growing foliage, that it’s no longer in a mood to support that timid, clingy, frail thing trying to hold on to it.

The climber awaits acceptance, hopes and keeps climbing. One fruitful, happy day, it would make it to the top and see the sun ☀️

Let the hope prevail !!

A new learning ….

14th June

The day Rose was reborn.

She calls it her black out day.

A bubbly, indifferent, carefree girl turned composed, freak head, loner that day.

But that’s not the story I’m willing to tell !

There was a certain someone, who rightly told me – unless you’re hurt, your pen won’t bleed sensible words … and surprisingly, he was right !

People cross paths with us and we feel butterflies. I call those people magicians.

But magicians have an innate tendency of playing tricks, knowingly or unknowingly! They put you into a mind boggling situation. They make you believe in springs and blooms, in fairies and wonderlands, in candies and sweetness !!

And one day, by the time you realise it is an illusion, you’re out of the springs into the fall, walking alone, paving your path as always. Because life isn’t a fairy tale, it is about those falling ombré leaves, it is the secret lying hidden in the big black book, it is that monster roaring into your face !

So let the Rose🌹 bleed

Let those thorns prick her tender flesh

Let her diffuse her sweet smell, while her own thorns enjoy pricking her…